Tilly is available to work in schools as a visiting artist specialising in portraiture and african painting projects. She has experience of working with all ages and abilities.

Tilly has a versatile range of work which can be used widely across the art curriculum. As a school we have used the work of Tilly on several occasions. We studied her African collection whilst studying complimentary colours. The children were inspired by the bold use of colour and enjoyed experimenting with their own designs.

As a result of our initial work we invited Tilly to work on portraits. She worked with a group of 33 children, ages ranging between 7 and 11. She absorbed the children with her demonstration of a self portrait, using clear pointers along the way. The children were able to take these into their work with her sensitive guidance and support.

Her organisation and timing was flexible and relaxed which we enjoyed. Her approach was supportive and gently positive, all of which resulted in 33 really good portraits, 33 really happy children and 2 really, really happy teachers!
— Stogumber Primary School